Our core features

Highly experienced coordinators and tutors

Our highly experienced, hand picked, warm hearted tutors, deliver learning activities that will enable participants to develop their skills and work towards their potential

Unspoilt setting on the North Wales coast

The beauty and remoteness of the venue allow participants to find a safe place in which to focus on their skills and their personal development

Unique experience

Our ethos, our mission and our vast experience in the fields of education and coaching, make our retreats different and provide a unique experience of learning and self-development

What we offer you

Live a Unique Learning Experience

Our very experienced staff and tutors deliver activities that focus both on the importance of developing skills as well as group relationships and outcomes. Gain the necessary skills to enhance and believe in your abilities. Learn, create and build connections that will encourage you to grow as understanding as individuals in a multicultural world

Get away from the rush of society

Leave your comfort zone and free yourself of the pressures of society. Disconnect from the rush of the world in an environment of warmth and real connections and see how you make it happen

Build Powerful Connections

Find the time and the space to connect with yourself while developing your skills in a specific area of your choice. Build powerful relationships with others who share your interests and make something special happen

Meet our team

-Cristina Mulero- coordinator

-Darren Guy- coordinator

-Judy Mazonowicz- art tutor

–Barbara Young– art tutor

–Mikyla Durkan– drama tutor

–Jonathan Raisin– music tutor

–Karen Wynne–music tutor


–Barbara Huber– Making Radio