About us

‘We found courses, but it was never what we were looking for, this is why we established our own retreat and brought in people we knew could deliver amazing courses for people to up skill quickly, to develop meaningful connections with themselves and with others, and to make a difference in the way we learn’


From our experience in the fields of education and coaching, we are fully aware of the importance of enjoyment and development of self-confidence and life skills in the process of learning. We believe that often, the rampancy and vibrancy of society, stops us from developing meaningful connections with ourselves and each other, forcing us to lose focus and, therefore, slowing the learning and self-developing process down.

With these ideas in mind, we have designed a series of vibrant and solid retreats in the amazing unspoilt North Wales coastal area that combine development through workshops on a specific skill, and the opportunity to disconnect from the rush of the world in an environment of warmth and real connections.

We want to invite participants to leave their comfort zone and free themselves from the pressures of society. For this, we have chosen accommodation in an unspoiled setting in North Wales. In the surroundings of Snowdonia, participants will find a place to disconnect from the rush, and connect with each other. To encourage this, participants will live communally,  and will have opportunities to fully focus on the activities and learning and will also have plenty of opportunities to explore the beautiful mountainous, and coastal surroundings.

Our very experienced staff and tutors deliver activities that focus both on the importance of developing individual skills as well as group relationships and outcomes. In addition, the sessions delivered by our professional and skilful coordinators ensure that the participants gain the necessary skills to enhance and believe in their abilities so that they can learn, create and build relationships that will encourage them to grow as understanding as individuals in a multicultural world. Furthermore, enhanced by the native local knowledge of our hosts, participants will have access to cultural tips that will enable them to feel comfortable within the local culture and make the retreat a unique, unforgettable and rounded experience, possibly one they have never experienced before.


-Cristina Mulero- coordinator

-Darren Guy- coordinator

-Judy Mazonowicz- art tutor

–Barbara Young– art tutor

–Mikyla Durkan– drama tutor

–Jonathan Raisin– music tutor

–Karen Wynne–music tutor


–Barbara Huber– Making Radio