´We want people to be able to disconnect from the rush of society and encourage real connections and learning. We believe that the remoteness of the venue and the fact of sharing the facilities, will allow people to focus on their skills and therefore boost an authentic and meaningful learning experience´


We decided to run our courses in the region of Murcia for three main reasons: the local knowledge of one of our coordinators, the beautiful sunny weather during (almost) the whole year, and the hidden natural beauty of  the region.
Located at the foot of Sierra de La Muela, in the vicinity of Cartagena (Spain), we chose El Almendrico because of its simplicity, the beautiful surroundings and the warmth and friendliness of the people who run it. Surrounded by beautiful Mediterranean landscape and being very close to the coast, El Almendrico provides a space where we can focus and  pay full attention to our skills, disconnect from city-life and even explore the natural area.

The hostel was initially set up as a farming school for groups of local children where they could learn skills and input them into the natural surroundings; these days the hostel also serves as a venue to host groups of adults and runs a series of outdoor activities that can be booked as an extra. (Contact us if you want more information).

The venue is simple and comes with adequate facilities to make our stay comfortable and easy. Those of us who have memories of summer camps, school trips or activities as such, will probably remember the fun moments of laughter and midnight chats. By sharing dormitories*, we hope to recreate some of that magic and bring back some of those moments and boost feelings of empathy, respect and connection in a different way to how we do it on a day to day basis.

The simple facilities and the remoteness of the retreat give us a time out from the rush of our daily lives; a space where we can connect with ourselves and develop our skills. 

*Dormitories are for 4 or 6 people and they will be assigned to participants on arrival. Please let us know if you have any special requirement.


The area of Sierra de la Muela, Cabo Tiñoso and Roldán, is one of the largest and most varied natural areas of the region. From the retreat centre, there are multiple environmental itineraries you can walk on your own (or in company!) to explore the mountains and the 'pinares' of the area.

In addition, just 2.5 km from the hostel, there is the beautiful pebble beach of El Portus, It´s quietness and crystal-clear water make it an ideal space for inspiration, reflection and pure natural enjoyment.



El Almendrico (the retreat) is located 11km from Cartagena, a city steeped in culture and history. A walk in the town centre will take you through history from the Roman theatres and forums to some outstanding examples of architectural Modernism. Although we want to encourage disconnection from cities, Cartagena, if you have time, its definitely a city to visit.

*Public transport from the hostel to the city is not very frequent (there are only two buses a day and they stop at El Portus), but if you want to visit it, we will help you find your way or plan an itinerary for when the course is over.

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