18th March to 25th March 2018



Making the most of the surroundings and of the connections we will start developing, the Workshop aims to introduce participants to:

  • Principle considerations when preparing a camera for use
  • The key functions of Aperture & Shutter , their capabilities & limitations linked to technical and creative control
  • Consideration of the Light
  • The aesthetic use of Composition, Colour aesthetics to advance photo image recordings
  • Workflow , Post Production, Organisation , Storage and Back Up
  • Portfolio Image Presentation

*Please Note, the workshops will only take place if a minimum of 10 people register per course.


Please bring your own digital camera – any type – its amazing what you can do with the most simple of cameras. If you have a laptop bring this also, for editing purposes.


*Although each of the courses has their own itineray and dates, we have created a general itinerary common to all. Please do not hesitate in contacting us for more details

ONE Introduction to ‘The Camera’; “Dibujando con Luz”     (“Drawing with Light”); The process of Camera; Preparation for Image Recording

Creative stimulus for Drawing with LIGHT;  “Seeing as opposed to Looking

TWO  ‘Apertura de la Camara’ (‘Aperture’) Producing images in controlled workshop and on location linked to the technical and creative visuals delivered on the subject of Aperture
THREE  ‘Obturador de la Camara’ (‘Shutter’)

Producing images in controlled workshop and on location linked to the technical and creative visuals delivered on the subject of Shutter

FOUR Light – Considering variables and controlling light for artistic and creative application 

Using the skills learnt linked to Camera Controls and Capabilities. Record Visuals that inspire you linked to a working title

FIVE Workflow Systems;  Storage; Post Production Considerations

Back up and Think; Field Work – Record the Retreat: With your new skills acquired. Visualise the Retreat.

SIX Image Portfolio Presentation 

Exhibition  – Screen; Peer and Self Evaluation Session; Sharing Performance


Louise Spellacy

Has more than 20 years experience working with Photography and Imaging Skills in the Creative Arts & Design Sector.

A qualified professional practioner, tutor, coordinator & assessor, she has worked with and taught hundreds of students over the span of her career for National Qualified Awarding Bodies and Organizations .
As a photographer she has won awards including the Winners Category of The British Institute of Professional Photography; an internationally recognized industry qualifying orginsation.
She has advised on numerous photography & creative awards and sectors including ‘The Duke of Edinburgh National Award’. She has devised numerous programmes of learning; from community level engagement for the BBC, to formal qualifications of study within the National Qualification Framework with Ofsted regulations and standards.
Her portfolio and exhibition work, includes the International Biennial and Tate gallery. Her work has featured in many publications including the Metro Publishing Group, Flux Creative Magazine, European Strategic Pathways, Liverpool Live Magazine. She continues to use photography & imaging, in traditional and digital methods to engage and explore ….  faces, places & .. spaces.”

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