General Itinerary

Although each of the courses has their own itineray and dates, we have created a general itinerary common to all. Please do not hesitate in contacting us for more details.

DAY 1- Arrival day – You will either make your way to Cartagena or be collected from Alicante airport (please see below for more details) and taken to the proximities of El Portús, where the hostel El Almendrico is based (where the retreats will take place)

–  On arrival, there will be tea, coffee and a selection of snacks. Take time to settle and get used to the feeling of being far from city life

–  Dinner will be served at 7.30 (only today!). After dinner, we will gather to introduce ourselves to each other and assign the shared dormitories. You will also meet your course tutor, who will lead a brief introduction on the objectives, materials and itinerary for the workshops you will be doing

DAYS 2-3-4-5-6-7 – Breakfast will be served at 8

– 9.30- 11.30- Workshops (most sessions to take place outdoors)

– 1pm- lunch will be served in the dining-room but can be enjoyed outside

– Take some time to digest your meal, work on your projects or explore the beauty of ‘siesta-time’

– 4-7pm- Workshops

– So that you can enjoy the environment, take a couple of hours to go for a scroll, walk down hill to the beach (you will have to walk back up J), or ask us to book a session with local instructors to get to know the natural area

– 8pm- Dinner

DAY 7- Departure day – After breakfast you are kindly asked to vacate the rooms and be ready at 11.45 for your transfer to Alicante airport at 12 noon


*Airport Transfers

– Your hosts offer a courtesy transfer to and from Alicante airport to El Almendrico for a small extra fee.
– If you would like a courtesy transfer, please note that transfers from Alicante airport to the venue leave the airport at 4pm (your flight must arrive before 4pm) on arrival day and transfers from El Almendrico to Alicante airport leave at 9.00am (your flight must depart after 12 noon)- If you are unable to make the times for the courtesy transfer, you will need to make your way to Cartagena (you can ask our coordinators for advice), and arrange a private transfer with us from  the city to the venue.