Make demands on your creative juices

Take time to focus on your creativity and develop or expand on your own unique style.

In the relaxed atmosphere of the unspoilt and amazing mountainous region of Murcia, we aim to stimulate the right side of your brain and guide you to reach your full potential.  Through our relaxing approach to art we plan to produce diverse stimulus – from drawing with the right side of the brain to painting with your credit card.

We are running two courses: an introductory course, for beginners and an advanced course for those who want to develop their art or feel it is time to begin again.

The two courses are planned as 2 x 6 day course with approximately 24-30 teaching hours. There will be at least one day set aside for visiting art galleries in The beautiful City of Cartagena, and as we write there is negotiations taking place to facilate a exhibition of the art work produced during the work, at a nearby space.  Both courses are designed for People to feel free to interchange between each course should they feel they would like more expertise in a particular technique in the other group.


Participants need to bring their own brushes and, if they have a preference, their own canvas.




ONE Breaking barriers with a pencil –  Starting with Betty Edwards’s groundbreaking techniques we will over comefears, discover and expose our hidden stylish talent.
TWO Let loose in the undergrowth –  After learning some simple techniques we will allow ourselves to discover nature by interpreting our artistic eye in the surrounding nature of Sierra de la Muela
THREE Produce your palette – after a morning of discovery with the rainbow later in the day we will work outside and discover natures colours our relationship to them.
FOUR Intuition and investigation – Using our intuition, we will investigate nature in the morning session to produce sketches and notes to be worked on later into larger works.
FIVE More time with nature –  Investigate in your pallatte and shapes in the morning in the evening – Complete work and prepare for exhibition –
SIX Decisions, decisions, decisions!!  What is your best work?  What style do you prefer??Do you want to repeat it?  Fix it? Reproduce it?? How to hang…… Make decisions as what you need to do to exhibit and DO IT!!!




ONE Back to basics, every experienced artist knows that back to basic excercises not only re enforce technique but also stimulate the mind- a series of line and negative space warm ups will help the juices flow.
TWO We are still alive!!   Still life with particular emphasis on the shadow brings out the impressionist inside.
THREE Break out –  armed with pastels and pencil we will work outdoors am looking at form, outline, shape, colour in the landscape develop this work in paint, who needs a paintbrush?  We don’t, but we can if we want to….. instinctive working………
FOUR To develop?  Looking at colour and shape and playing with overlaying with monoprint.
FIVE Continue to investigate further and work towards preparing for exhibition.
SIX Decision morning –  what to take?  What to hang?  Hanging


Barbara Young and Judy Mazonowicz are a long standing dynamic artistic combination. Both are established artists from the North of England and have years of teaching experience and use unique approaches to producing artwork.

Judy Mazonovicz- Beginners Art Tutor

Judy has taught art to literally thousands of people, making drawing and painting accessible to everyone, regardless of ability. She has taught complete beginners through to established artists, using pencils she ensures her students develop to a competitive professional standard.  Her students work has been exhibited throughout Europe and even in Stavangar, Norway as flagship work of a non European Capital of Culture.




Barbara Young- Advanced Art Tutor

Barbara loves to “play” with her chosen media and techniques, whether this be acrylic with credit cards or mono printing over paint.  Having trained as an art therapist she is passionate about people using their intuition.  She has exhibited in a variety of media extensively across the North for over 30 years.