Making music in response to place

How might we sing a sunset? How might we find the lost chord of the mountains? Might the night sky be a musical score?!

In this course we will explore musical responses to landscape and ‘sense of place’. Calling on all participants to engage creatively and collaboratively we shall, over the course of the week, work together to create a piece of music that reflects our collective responses to the incredible environment and surroundings of Sierra de la Muela.

The course is open to musicians and singers with some experience, who are interested in developing their skill, working collaboratively and engaging creatively with place and environment, as well as writers who are interested in working with music. Together, we will explore different styles, with an emphasis on creating something new, as a group, using improvisation and simple compositional techniques.



ONE Improvisation

- exploring free playing and simple structures

TWO Looking and listening

-       a day exploring the local environment, field-recording, looking and listening to landscape and surroundings and devising ways to respond

THREE Composing

-       simple exercises to move us from the first notes to a miniature symphony!

FOUR Collaboration

-       working in small groups to devise music together.

FIVE Ideas, words, music

-       practical ways of translating our responses to surroundings into musical ideas

SIX Rehearsal & performance skills

-       making it all come together as a ‘band’ and playing for an audience


Jonathan Raisin
Jonathan Raisin
Karen Wynne
Karen Wynne

Jonathan & Karen have worked individually and together for many years as musicians, composers, musical directors, artists, educators and organisers of creative projects. Karen has performed as a singer-songwriter, with bands and in choirs as well as teaching in community arts and formal education settings. Jonathan has written music for theatre projects as well as creating sound installations and work for radio. Together they have played in festival bands, run community music projects and curated the long running experimental music event, Lost Voices.

Their influences range across styles and traditions- folk, jazz, african and indian musical traditions and classical and contemporary musics.

Projects often respond to place and have taken place in abandoned theatres, gardens and major concert halls.