During seven days we will learn how to use recording devices and how to use radio presentation forms. We will make small radioplays, go out to make interviews with the local population, get to know about the local situation of community radios, learn how to use several radio formats, and make a radio broadcast of our choice ourselfes.

For this we will get to know several techniques like multi language approaches, moderation and interview techniques, or how to prepare a proper show. Additional we will learn how to digitally edit our recorded tracks and put them together.

We will work in small groups (3-4 people per group) on a certain topic, that we discuss and finalize beforehand. The whole week and nearly all of the produced material will be around this one topic.




ONE First steps with recording and radioplay
TWO Acoustic design in radio and interviews
THREE Discussion rounds and more radio presentation forms including multilingual approaches
FOUR Digital editing with Audacity, jingle/signation Design and working on own radioshows
FIVE Editing, cutting and finalizing own radioshow
SIX Presenting, commenting and evaluating the radioshows


Barbara Huber

Barbara lives and works in Vienna. She worked for a number of years in radio FRO in Linz, Austria and later for radio Orange in Vienna. She has delivered numerous workshops across Europe on digital editing, especially Audacity and was involved in digital and radio art for several years. Her passion was and still is Linux and Sound tools on Open Source systems and of course radio, but she also loves literature, nature and her kids. She is part of the Viennese RADIA radio art collective and recently added to her vast portfolio,  sound engineering.