A 6 day training course/ retreat to learn fundamentals of yoga through to a fluid self practice.

This six day training course will build from absolute fundamental basic yoga postures(asana) and breathing teqniques (pranayama) up to and including a fluid “pre-astanga”* style self practice.

The morning sessions will be more involved and detailed, working through basics, to building strength and balance, modifications and moving on to a full fluid class by the 4th to 6th day. In the evenings a more relaxed “yin style” ** of yoga will offer the chance to wind down and consolidate the more intensive morning practice, by holding, often supported postures, for longer, usually several minutes to allow time to release.

The combination of these two rather different forms of practice offers a contrasting counterbalance to each other. Both the morning and evening sessions will run for approximately 2 hours.

This detailed and friendly training will offer participants the ability to use yoga as a means of self maintenance and improvement, physically, mentally and emotionally.

With time and effort yoga can be a transformative life style choice. It can be used alongside other health and wellbeing regimes to complement them or can be used to replace gym and even regular sporting actives as an all-round practice.


ONE Morning session

Introducing fundamentals of a yoga practice. Basic primary postures and breath work.

Evening session

Relaxing yin** style class

TWO Morning session

Building core strength and balance whilst finding the breath.

Evening session

Relaxing yin** style class

THREE Morning session

Breaking down and building up sun salutation/vinyasa. Introduce ujjayi breath.

Evening session

Games night! Partner work.

FOUR Morning session

Consolidate basic postures routine with core and balance work and sun salutation/vinyasa and pranayama

(breath work).

Evening session

Relaxing yin** style class

FIVE Morning session

Full MAGPIE FLIERS SEQUENCE , a pre-astanga* style class.

Evening session

Relaxing yin** style class.

SIX Morning session


Evening session

Discussion, feedback and music!



Mick Gallagher
Mick Gallagher

I am a 500 hour trained and insured YOGA SCOTLAND teacher. I have been practicing regularly for over 10 years. I Am also a painter and decorator by trade and came to yoga through suffering from sciatica.

Giving up my full time employed job as a painter last year to concentrate on teaching yoga while still painting self employed. I am also a committee member of YOGA SCOTLAND and actively involved in a yoga and diet start up business which has, as a side, a community interest company which will provide yoga and Thai massage as a means of self treating various health conditions.


MAGPIE YOGA has been in existence for over two and a half years. Running successful community classes in the south west of Glasgow, Scotland.

‘Taking yoga out into the wider community and especially working class communities is my driving force. I am particularly keen on encouraging more men to take up a yoga practice.’